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Heart volition bank hires square of trade of Hong Kong annulus 18 630 thousand f
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 4 big foreign capital already closed all right in all hire is close 40

Cooperate business dilate to need, add hire and form a complete set of advanced environmental protection establishment to attract, again investment bank decides by in the round-the-world commerce square that annulus moves 9 dragon to stand (ICC) makes Asia-Pacific division headquarters. Yesterday of heart volition bank announces, the square of round-the-world commerce of mansion of first class business that fulfils real estate of hire Xin Hongji to be located in upper cover of 9 dragon station 2 period most 18 in all 630 thousand floor, original hire 12 in all 420 thousand floor, distributing to come at 51 buildings 66 buildings, lease 10 years, makings lease 45 yuan, 6 close in all 210 thousand floor but preferential hire, the plan began to be moved 2010.

The data shows, magenshidanli, luck believes respective already hire 10 floor, additionally Swiss EFG invests a bank also hire 1.5, close to amount to 21.5 in all, firm hire of silver of along with heart 18, 4 foreign capital go already hire amounts to 39.5 floor.

   Heart silver: Cooperate employee enlarge to come 4 1000

Heart volition bank will be stationed in round-the-world commerce square at beginning since the 3rd season 2010, take up at first 12. Area of Asia-Pacific of heart volition bank is presiding Lin expresses moving Guan Gaojie, heart volition bank is growing quickly in Asia-Pacific area, hong Kong is one of main motive force more. Joined the decision that is stationed in round-the-world commerce square 2010, ensure the group can be mixed in top class commerce edifice cooperate to fall in establishment of newest science and technology, continue outspread business. At the appointed time hire floor increases 3 times, employee amount is met by 1 current, 500 numbers expand to 4, 000 people, all business section and logistics personnel work in same place.

Luo Zhiwei of general manager of division of Hong Kong of heart volition bank expresses, number of staff of region of Hong Kong of heart volition bank already rose 60% from 2005 to nowadays 1, 500 people, also promoted 3 times in the corresponding period as to income. It is reported, heart volition bank from center of group of the Yangtse River 1998 when completion hire up to now, current take on lease 10 floor, distributing at 3, 18, 45, 48 to 56 buildings, center of group of the Yangtse River also belongs to wisdom office large building, the office adopts mobile type platform, air conditioning system also is installed at underground.

New letter base produces gam of vice-chairman Guo Bing to greet heart volition bank to become the tenement of round-the-world commerce square.

   Thunderbolt: Hire can compare rise at the beginning of last year 7 into

Newly representative carries out trustee thunderbolt yesterday to express, as rent of heart volition bank most 18 layer hind, round-the-world commerce square closes in all 2.5 million floor already lease 80% , the  that still has 20% floor is hired be expected to rise reach 60 yuan, 35 yuan of  when be being hired beforehand than 7 the beginning of the year are hired increase 71% , than uptodate 45 yuan a litre 33% , estimate entire floor lease, year hire income can amount to 1.2 billion yuan, rise than estimating 1 billion yuan formerly 20% , can mirror on outstanding achievement entirely 2011.
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